Understanding Market Trends: Analysis of FMCG Meeting and Bitcoin Movement


In this blog, we will discuss the recent market trends and the impact of the FMCG meeting on the market. Additionally, we will analyze the movement of Bitcoin and provide insights on potential trading opportunities. If you are new to our channel, kindly subscribe to stay updated with the latest market updates. Please note that the analysis provided here is based on historical data and trends.

FMCG Meeting and Market Analysis

After the FMCG meeting, there has been a noticeable downfall in the market, which was previously predicted due to the increase in CPI data. When the CPI data increases, it indicates a potential downtrend in the market. If you have been following our videos, you would have been prepared for the current market downfall. However, if you haven’t watched our videos yet, you can check the past history and updates in the video description. It is important to note that the information provided here is based on a time interval of 4 hours and weekly data.

Now, let’s discuss the potential scenarios that could occur in the market. The next FMCG meeting is scheduled for March 19th to 20th. As there are no FMCG meetings in February, the market movement will depend on other factors, including the CPI data. When the CPI data shows an increase, a market downfall can be expected. We recently witnessed a major dump when the CPI data ranged from 99.1. However, as the data started decreasing, the market showed signs of recovery.

It is important to understand the relationship between market trends and CPI data. Currently, the FMCG meeting held in January resulted in a pause in interest rates instead of an increase. This pause has contributed to the market downfall. The next FMCG meeting is crucial, and its outcome will significantly impact the market. As an expert, I will provide updates on the outcome of the meeting in my future videos.

Bitcoin Movement Analysis

Now, let’s analyze the movement of Bitcoin in relation to USD. Previously, we witnessed a correction when Bitcoin’s candles dropped below the 200 EMA. After consolidating around 8000, the market started showing signs of recovery. The target set at 42500 was achieved, and a correction is currently being observed. This downfall in Bitcoin’s price is due to the FMCG meeting. The selling pressure is evident, although the market does not have significant volume currently.

From a technical perspective, we are currently above the local support level at 41600. It is not a heavy support level, but it provides an opportunity for a small entry. The candles have dropped below the 200 EMA, indicating a potential downward movement. However, it is crucial to wait for confirmation and a breakout above 43000 to ensure a market recovery. Additionally, the trend line between the straight and diagonal lines shows that we are still in a downtrend. It is recommended to wait for a breakout and hold above the trend line for a recovery.

Considering the weekly timeframe, it is important to cross-check the weekly movement. Until the closing of the candle is above 45200 and we do not use it as resistance, a recovery should not be expected. It is essential to understand the patterns and movements discussed in my videos to conduct your own analysis of any cryptocurrency or token. Learning and understanding are key to successful trading.


In conclusion, the recent market trends have shown a downfall after the FMCG meeting. Bitcoin’s movement has also been impacted, resulting in a correction. It is crucial to monitor the upcoming FMCG meeting and its outcome to gauge the market’s future movement. By following the analysis provided in our videos and understanding the patterns and trends, you can make informed trading decisions. Remember to like and share our videos if you find them helpful. Stay tuned for more updates. Jai Hind!


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