Ethereum Price Analysis: Can Ether Hold Support Amidst Market Volatility?


Welcome to another update on the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market. In this blog post, we will focus on Ethereum (ETH) and analyze its recent price movements. The current market conditions have led to a selloff in Bitcoin, which has had an impact on Ether as well. We will explore the potential scenarios for ETH and discuss important support levels to watch out for. Let’s dive in!

Price Breakdown and Potential Scenarios

Looking at the Bitcoin chart, we can observe a selloff that has also affected Ether. ETH has broken out of a downward trend line, indicating a bearish sentiment in the market. At the moment, it seems to be following a downward trajectory towards the blue count, as shown in the previous video. However, we have changed the color to white to better integrate it into the bigger picture.

There are two possible scenarios for Ether currently, both pointing towards a downside movement. With the break of the trend line and the presence of a red candle, it is less likely that we are already in Wave 4. If Bitcoin continues to decline, it may push Ether even lower, potentially towards the levels of 2,421 or 2,360. These levels act as key support areas and should be closely monitored.

While a Wave 4 scenario is still possible, a break below 2,421 would make it less likely. If the price drops below 2,360, it would negate the potential for Wave 4 and suggest that Wave 2 is still unfolding. Wave 2 most likely bottomed around January 3rd, and if the price falls below 2,360, it would indicate a deeper correction than expected.

However, it is important to note that a significant drop into the green support area may not be necessary. Typically, a correction wave reacts to Fibonacci relationships and ratios related to the preceding wave. The lowest likely level for Ether, if it continues to correct, is around $2,200. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that the price may not break below this range and still reset Wave 2.

Bullish Perspectives and Correction Completion

Despite the short-term bearish sentiment with the presence of red candles, it is crucial to understand that a correction cannot be complete without them. Many traders were expecting deeper pullbacks, but the continuous upward movement was a sign of an incomplete correction. The current correction phase needs to experience significant price fluctuations to complete the correction process.

There are three clear parameters to watch for: 2,421, 2,360, and 2,200. A break below 2,200 may suggest an extended correction wave but would not change the overall assumption. With these levels in mind, we can consider two bullish scenarios for Ether. However, it is essential to determine whether Wave 4 is unfolding or not, which will be tested at the next two Fibonacci levels.

Once the Wave 4 low is established, it will be possible to calculate a target for Wave 5. The target will be adjusted based on this new information. If the price manages to break above the previous xwave high at around 2,614, it will indicate that Wave 5 is likely unfolding. However, this price level may also serve as an area to look for a potential trend reversal.

Although the price has not reacted sufficiently to previous Fibonacci levels at 2,485, indicating a potential further decline, it is likely that the price will find support at least at 2,421. This level is significant as it aligns with previous swing lows and breakout points from December and January.

Additionally, we can consider the 100% extension level between Wave W and Y, which points to 2,367. This cluster of support levels from 2,360 to 2,367 is worth observing closely, as it could play a crucial role in determining the future price movement of Ether.


In conclusion, the recent market volatility has led to a selloff in Bitcoin and Ether. While Ether’s price has broken out of a downward trend line, it is still unclear whether Wave 4 is unfolding or if Wave 2 is still in progress. However, by closely monitoring the support levels at 2,421, 2,360, and 2,200, we can gain insight into the potential scenarios for Ether’s price movement.

Remember that a correction cannot be complete without red candles, and significant price fluctuations are necessary to complete the correction phase. Once the correction is complete, the expectations for Ether’s price are bullish, with a potential target of $3,500 or higher.

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