Bitcoin ETF News and Ethereum Breakout: A Recap


Welcome back to the Crypto Channel! In this blog, we will discuss the latest Bitcoin ETF news and the potential breakout of Ethereum against Bitcoin. These developments have the potential to impact the cryptocurrency market in the short and long term. Let’s dive in!

Bitcoin ETF News

Yesterday, there were significant outflows from Grayscale, which resulted in short-term selling pressure for Bitcoin. However, this Bitcoin was quickly bought up by Black Rock, as they have been accumulating more Bitcoin in their Spot Bitcoin ETF. This shift is mainly due to the difference in fees between Grayscale and Black Rock. Many investors find it more cost-effective to hold the Black Rock ETF, which has lower fees compared to Grayscale. As a result, we are seeing a redistribution of funds from Grayscale to Black Rock, causing selling pressure in the short term. However, the long-term prospects for Spot Bitcoin ETFs are incredibly bullish, especially with institutions like Black Rock accumulating significant amounts of Bitcoin. This trend, combined with the upcoming Bitcoin Halving in three months, could potentially lead to higher Bitcoin prices in the future.

Ethereum Breakout against Bitcoin

On the Ethereum front, we are seeing a potential breakout against Bitcoin. Currently, Ethereum is running into critical short-term support levels, and if it breaks out successfully, we could see a significant price increase. The resistance level to watch out for is 0.061 Bitcoin per Ethereum, and if Ethereum can surpass this level, it could potentially reach 0.082 Bitcoin per Ethereum, representing a 35% upside move. This bullish momentum is supported by a falling wedge pattern and a bullish divergence on the weekly timeframe. If Ethereum can flip more bullish against Bitcoin, it might be a good time to consider holding a higher percentage of Ethereum in your portfolio.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Looking at the Bitcoin price chart, we can see that there is still a possibility of a pullback due to a bearish divergence and a bounce in the US Dollar Index (DXY). The DXY has historically influenced the price of Bitcoin, and a breakout in the DXY could result in a larger pullback for Bitcoin. However, in the short term, there is an active bullish divergence on the 4-hour timeframe, which could lead to some sideways price action or a slight bullish relief. It is essential to consider different timeframes when analyzing Bitcoin’s price and understand that short-term and long-term trends can coexist without contradicting each other.

Ethereum Price Analysis

For Ethereum, we are currently seeing a short-term bounce from the 38.2% Fibonacci level of support. There is a possible inverse Head and Shoulders pattern forming, with resistance at 2590. If Ethereum can break above this resistance level, it could set up a short-term bullish price target around 2.7k. However, it is crucial to pay attention to support levels in case of a break to the downside. Overall, the bullish trend for Ethereum is still intact, but there might be some short-term consolidation or pullback before further upside movement.


In conclusion, the Bitcoin ETF news and the potential breakout of Ethereum against Bitcoin are significant developments in the cryptocurrency market. The redistribution of funds from Grayscale to Black Rock is causing some short-term selling pressure for Bitcoin but has the potential for long-term positive effects. Additionally, if Ethereum can successfully break out against Bitcoin, it could lead to significant price increases. It’s essential to monitor these developments and consider adjusting your investment strategy accordingly. As always, stay informed and keep an eye on the market!


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